Fearless leadership inspires innovation. You win by playing a smarter game with fearless teams.

Fearless leadership is based on a firm understanding that the greatest barrier to health, wealth and happiness is fear. Most personal, professional and organizational choices or decisions are typically made from a place of fear. Stress, anxiety, dread, panic, shame, even the aversion to work, are just a few of the manifestations of fear. Why isn’t this addressed? Because we’re afraid. Fear isn’t our friend – but it could be.

Innovative leaders need to be fearless. Barry Moniak helps executives evolve above a fear-based existence by developing the ability to face, embrace and ultimately befriend fears that defeat lesser teams.

Barry is a fear expert. His vocation is Trusted Adviser Business Consultant. His avocation is Certified Ski Instructor. Both require the integration of a fearless mindset and skillset – literally needing to befriend what at times we fear most.

A national marketing company was transformed from a 97% attrition rate of newly hired salespeople into a 97% close rate in the first month using Barry’s mindset/skillset shift. Today, his clients achieve the same kind of results by getting their teams to befriend fear just as expert skiers befriend black diamond slopes. They literally transform the energy of fear into innovation, inspiration, motivation and momentum.

As a trusted advisor, Barry’s approach to fearless leadership consulting is to disrupt the status quo and foster a fearless culture. He gets mindful leaders to develop an eagerness to face, embrace and befriend their fears. It takes courage for executives to address their own fears, but when they do, it exponentially enhances their capacity to help their teams do the same.

When we understand who our people are, what they are afraid of, and why they function as they do under pressure, we know how each needs to be led.

Services provided virtually & in person

Advisory Process Consulting

Business leaders are tasked with revenue goals. To achieve those results requires their teams to interact with people, both internally and externally, in such a way that produces profit. Barry uses a mindful approach to show leaders how to see people and challenges as they truly are – rather than as they think they are. With 3 decades as a trusted adviser business consultant, and 22 years as a PSIA certified ski instructor, he inspires a fearless approach; a proactive mindset combined with an adept skillset to create winning strategies for fearless leadership.

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Fearless Leadership Training

Advanced skiers have developed an integrated mindset and skillset which empowers them to fearlessly respond to what lies before them. That same mindset/skillset is what it takes to navigate challenging leadership scenarios. The fluid dynamics of sensitivity and force used to ski advanced terrain directly applies to professional leadership. The better we understand our customers’ fears, and our own, the greater our influence in the leadership process. Fearless Leadership Training transforms amateur reaction into professional response, producing outstanding results.

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Fearless Leadership Presentations

Audiences need to be engaged, challenged and ultimately transformed, otherwise they’ll sit through yet another meaningless presentation, wasting time and money. Barry brings 40 years of business ownership, 30 years of consulting and 22 years of profound discovery as a certified ski instructor, onto the stage. His vulnerable, interactive style inspires audiences to internalize a fearless mindset / skillset. Key players return back to work with focus, energy, and more of a willingness to face, embrace, and befriend fear… creating fearless leadership teams that win.

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Here’s a few companies who use Barry’s strategies to create fearless teams.
Their innovative leaders win by playing a smarter game with a better team.

Barry Moniak’s consulting, training and speaking accomplishes exactly that.

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