Barry Moniak gets leaders to deal with tough challenges,
the same way expert skiers approach formidable ski slopes.

A core trait which sets fearless leaders apart is a developed inclination to befriend fear, transforming it into a more beneficial kind of energy. They then infuse this atypical approach to fear into those who look to them for leadership, thereby developing fearless teams.

We do not typically think of the workplace as the ideal space for this transformation to take place – but it is. The job site is the ideal arena in which to become enlightened and fearless; not the mountain top, seaside, church or synagogue; not even the latest greatest get motivated seminar. Business provides a tough, no-nonsense, yet highly creative space in which we discover who we really are and evolve into fearless leaders of fearless teams.

What makes Barry a fear expert?

Born empathic back in a time when this condition wasn’t well known or talked about. No one bothered to explain to Barry that being empathic involved a lot more than having empathy. It meant literally picking up on other peoples’ thoughts, desires, fears; and since he had no understanding of where this extrasensory input was coming from, he often thought of himself as crazy. Add to that being raised Jewish in an anti-Semitic community, caused him to grow up in a state of societal judgement, rejection and fear.

As a young adult, in his first attempt at snow skiing, he became so frozen with fear atop a black diamond run that he was taken off the mountain in a ski patrol rescue sled. Barry soon discovered that everyone experiences fear, yet we each experience it in our own way. The typical reaction to fear, he found, is to in some way disavow its existence. He began to research what causes fear and its effect on us mentally, physically and emotionally. His curiosity was peaked as to why it’s so socially unacceptable to talk about our fears – especially in relationships or at work – even though doing so is so critically relevant to becoming fearless.

Decades of personal growth and development work followed, including studies in physics, psychology, philosophy, the neurological sciences, fitness, and training certifications in martial arts, esoterics and skiing. In the course of his rich and modestly varied business background he built, maintained, and sold innovative enterprises: general construction; custom remodeling; asbestos abatement; business valuation & sales; high end restaurant service & training.

Thirty years ago, Barry founded a consulting practice focused on developing more functional personal, interpersonal and organizational relationships with fear. Barry’s presented various topics dealing with fear over the last fifteen years. His empathic, intuitional nature adds flavor and depth of understanding to his approach. Though entertaining and interactive, his on-stage presentations speak to real issues.

Barry’s also a PSIA certified ski instructor, about to start his 22nd season, helping skiers have a safe and more enjoyable experience in a sport riddled with fear. He uses ‘on mountain’ ski stories as analogies for ‘off mountain’ endeavors.

Barry believes that in order to succeed in business, and in life, we must treat people and organizations as integrated beings – living entities. He assesses areas where individuals and teams experience fear. He evaluates their responses, reactions and even denials of fear, and then empowers them to face, embrace and befriend those fears.