Things Are What They Are!

Things are just what they are, not what we think they are, regardless of the brilliance of our point of view or strength of our belief system. Take gravity, for example; it acts on each of us exactly the same, irrespective of what we think or feel about it. Being the intellectual creatures that we are, we love to persuade [...]

2018-12-03T18:17:10-07:00 – Begin with the End In Mind

This is an audio playback of Bill Black, founder of the Exit Coach Radio show, interviewing Barry Moniak in May of 2015. Bill asks a number of questions during the interview as to the concept of beginning with the end in mind, the name of Barry’s company, and the guiding philosophy for his speaking and consulting business. To access the audio [...]


Used To Be All About The Zeroes

It used to be all about the zeros. Yesterday, the more zeros you had in your bank account, the more you were deemed successful. Today, our perspective is shifting. Money is still important. There is more to the equation, however. Personal well-being, quality relations, professional experiences, contribution to the greater good - these are increasingly more significant than financial [...]


Betrayed Confidence

A while back I had a phone conversation with a long-time friend and colleague. We hadn’t spoken in years so it felt good to open up to someone I respected and trusted. He told me about his long-term personal relationship ending poorly. I shared my own story of a marriage/business partnership ending badly, with someone I’d been more open to [...]

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