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Barry Moniak Reviews

Our ‘WinT3r Olympics’ event you set up far surpassed the quality of the outdoor activity we’d done at previous team off-sites, which was one of our primary concerns/goals this year. The team thoroughly enjoyed our time together playing the outdoor games, especially our super-competitive team members, they loved the format of true competition. You succeeded in providing a variety of individual activities that played to both strengths and not-so-strengths of our team members, which gave people the option to choose harder or easier elements of each game – which our team appreciated.

Michael Russo
Studio Director, Boston

Barry Moniak Reviews

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Barry Moniak and End in Mind Consulting.  My company employed Barry’s services for almost two years, from August 2013 through June 2014.

Barry’s unique combination of sharp business acumen alongside his talent with personal interaction gives him the a bility to deal with a broad range of challenges in a business environment.  It’s a rare gift to have such a diverse skill-set and my business benefited greatly from his application of those abilities.  He was both an ally of my employees and an invaluable source of business insight for myself.

Barry’s commitment and dedication to our business needs was superb.  His services would be of great benefit to any organization.

Roger Rasmussen
President, All Pro Cleaning Systems, Inc. & Subsidiaries

Barry Moniak Reviews

Barry Moniak facilitated the 2015 Murray Area Chamber of Commerce board retreat. His ability to help the board members see how their roles and responsibilities serving a nonprofit are key, is to be commended. Barry was able to set the vision and mission for synergy early on – thus helping us see the future of the chamber to be strong and relevant. I would highly recommend Barry to help your corporation or nonprofit in seeing its value and commitment to serving its community.

Stephanie L. Wright, IOM
President & CEO, Murray Area Chamber of Commerce

I’ve only learned three, maybe four, things from Barry Moniak. Just three or four little things that have altered in a wonderful way the landscape of my profession! ~ Thomas Cantrell, Administrative Law Representative


“Dear Barry,

Thank you for speaking at the Women’s Business Center’s Business Essentials seminar.

The comments have been most favorable from the attendees. We know that the day would not have been a success without your contribution. The time and energy you spent on this event is much appreciated.

If we may be supportive of you and your business needs in the future, please feel free to contact us here at the Salt Lake Chamber’s Women’s Business Center.”


Ann Marie Wallace
Program Director, Women’s Business Center

Barry Moniak Reviews

Barry – END IN MIND – has been a catalyst in assisting key players in the company to focus on teamwork and becoming better leaders and managers. Barry has the innate ability to sort through an individuals’ strengths, areas needing attention, and open the door to create the opportunity to move to the next level of performance. If you have a need to move yourself, an individual, a team, or an organization to another level – Barry can be the key.

Carl Champagne

Barry Moniak Reviews


You presented such a unique and interesting approach to the whole mind/body connection. Quite often we tend to view/isolate each as a separate force with distinct impacts; and sometimes the most obvious and simple connections are the most difficult to make and comprehend.

Your presentation was a revolution of sorts that required a higher level of thinking to fully comprehend and appreciate. You gave us a lot of useful and practical information both intellectually and physically.

Thank you so much,

Daniel Mule
Salt Lake City Public Treasurer

Barry Moniak Reviews


Being a salesman, I just assumed that you were selling me on what you could accomplish in a 2 day training with my sales team. My thought at the time was if you did even half of what you said you could, it would have been a worthwhile training.

I stand corrected! You exceeded my expectations of what was possible. The sales people are still using the languaging and skill sets you showed them, and they are communicating with each other in a way I never expected to see.”

Thank You,

CT Miller
Seals & Packings Sales Manager


“Dear Barry,

Prudential Real Estate realizes that effectiveness is crucial to the success of our realtors as well as their client relationships. With an enhanced awareness, and a functional understanding of the Mind-Body connection, we can effectively achieve increased success in business and our personal lives and relationships. We are excited about the ideas and information presented, and look forward to a future assessment of our progress and profitability.

After our meeting we were all able to see more clearly how all of the things happening around us in our lives are directly effecting our interaction with our customers. It was interesting to see the correlation between physical health and business success. It forced us to look at our lives as a whole rather than just business life and life at home, and allowed us to make new choices toward creating a better total package. We are now able to use some of the tools you presented us, like the breathing technique to further connect with ourselves and the people we do business with on a day to day basis.

We want to thank you again for your sharing your knowledge and ideas with us. We feel that we have truly benefited from your message and look forward to future business consultations.”


Mike Earliwine
Prudential Utah Real Estate

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“I have worked with Barry Moniak through our connections with the Murray Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, and NxLevel Training. I became so impressed with Mr. Moniak’s style that I wanted to work with him in a coaching environment.

Through my training I have seen an increase in my self-management skills as well as implementing better organizational tactics in both my work and personal life. We have set short-term and long-term goals, constantly assessing and tracking their outcomes.

Mr. Moniak has a very professional air in which he delivers himself and that benefited him in many different forums, such as the Salt Lake Chamber, where he was quickly spotted as a direct asset to the Chamber and placed as an “Ambassador” to help develop and maintain their business relationships.

Based upon Mr. Moniak’s credentials, skills, and talents, I happily recommend his services to businesses or individuals who need to further their performance level.”


Sheri VanBibber
Boys & Girls Clubs of South Valley
Executive Director

Barry Moniak Reviews

“To Whom It May Concern:

The Murray, Utah campus of ITT Technical Institute brought Barry Moniak of End in Mind Consulting in for a special training for our faculty. Barry adapted his normally longer presentation to our specific needs and met our time constraints admirably. The presentation was well done and many of those present found it interesting and enjoyable.

I found End in Mind Consulting to be very easy to work with, very professional and very understanding of unique corporate accounts payable scheduling. I recommend Barry’s services to any firm looking for group instruction in building leadership or client relationship skills.”

Kenneth M. Wood
Associate Dean
ITT Technical Institute, Murray, UT

Barry Moniak Reviews

“Dear Barry,

Thank you for speaking at the Savvy Mompreneurs Telesummit on March 3, 2009. Your presentation on “4 Components of Effective Work/Life Balance” was so well received by our participants. For me personally, the process of the interview itself was fantastic. My only regret is that I didn’t learn this stuff from you sooner as it would have saved my husband, and me, a lot of grief!

You were wonderfully aware of the time frame. You got your points across and presented some top-notch deliverables. Plus I admired how you were able to weave both your personal and business experiences into the content to help the audience get a better understanding of how this can apply to their own lives.

I hope that you enjoyed the experience and that you will consider returning in the future to continue the discussion.”


MaryPat Kavanagh
President, Strategic Results Marketing

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“Barry has helped me, and my company, to target the correct goals for my wants and needs.  He is able to help me see a clearer picture of what I want and helps me go get it.

I’ve been working with Barry for several years and I’ve seen year after year of double and triple digit profit increases.  Even in the down economy this year, we’ve seen a healthy profitability increase.

We have better employee and customer relations due to Barry’s insights and coaching.

The streamline processes he’s helped us design are priceless.”

Parker Fillmore
Hot Shot Repairs

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  •     Sherman Kendall Beauty College
  •     Sysco Foods
  •     Toastmasters International – Division E Conference
  •     Utah Apartment Owners Association
  •     Utah Association for Gifted Children
  •     Utah Association of Public Charter Schools
  •     Utah Association of Public Treasurers
  •     Utah Global Business Travel Association
  •     West Valley Chamber of Commerce
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  •     Bryan Stanley – Concert Pianist
  •     Casey Preece – RN
  •     Christy Thane – Executive Banker
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  •     Denise Abda – Micro Biologist
  •     Diana Gogan – Real Estate Agent
  •     Franck Peissel – Chef / Restaurant Owner
  •     Gina Anderson – Wellness Business Owner
  •     Hillary Skoglund – Midwife
  •     Janine Donald – Non Profit Executive Director
  •     Jeff Waite – Plumbing Company Owner
  •     John Librett – Non Profit Executive Director
  •     Josie Hagan – Executive Banker
  •     Justin Anderson – Migun Wellness – Owner
  •     Karen Anderson – Migun Wellness – Owner
  •     Kathy Stanger – Writer
  •     Kessiah Tom – Comcast Executive
  •     Kim Clark – Engineer
  •     Kimber Nelson – Business Manager
  •     Laura Earlewine – Actress / Singer
  •     Laurie Funston – School Teacher
  •     MaryPat Kavanagh – Strategic Results Marketing –  Owner
  •     Meena Armani – Fitness Company Owner
  •     Michael Earlewine – Broker / Musician
  •     Michelle Lund – Legal Secretary
  •     Nea Karin – RN
  •     Parker Fillmore – Hot Shot Repairs – Owner
  •     Randi Pool Johnson – Radio Announcer
  •     Rita Panahi – Accupuncturist
  •     Ryan Evans – Chamber Director
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  •     Steve Coltrin – Non Profit Executive Director
  •     Steven Huntsberger – Ski Resort Director
  •     Susanne Sheston – Symphony Director
  •     Tane Wanlass – Auto Business Owner
  •     Teresa Law – Banking Trainer
  •     Valerie Wanlass – Auto Business Owner
  •     Vaughn Law – Investment Banker