Imagine, for a moment, people at the end of life. What might be on their minds? A recollection of all the cool presents they’ve received over the years? Perhaps material things they still want?

I’m thinking … not!

They are more likely to be remembering those sacred gifts of presence they’ve been so fortunate to receive – and the people’s lives they’ve been honored to touch with their own gift of presence. Most of us enjoy receiving a great present from someone who is important to us. We also enjoy the experience of giving thoughtful, meaningful presents to those we care about.

What about presence? When someone is truly present with us, it’s the best feeling! When we share our presence with others, it makes them feel really good. It truly is the best present we can ever give or receive.

If giving and receiving presence is something we hold most valuable – even sacred – and your presence is just as important to them as theirs is to you, are you consciously and constantly developing this quality? If not, let’s do it! Let’s focus this season and every holiday season to come, on developing and giving our very best gift, our presence.

May you have great pleasure this holiday season giving and receiving beautiful and fun presents, and the even greater joy in the giving and receiving of true personal presence.

© 2018 Barry Moniak [229 words]
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