Win by Playing the Smarter Game

Are your leaders fearless?

  • Do they use the energy of fear to their advantage as they navigate challenging terrain?
  • Do they have the courage to implement creative, even disruptive, ideas proposed by their teams?
  • Do they have the mindset/skillset necessary to face today’s ever-changing business landscape?

Imagine, two skiers atop a formidable black diamond run. They sport upscale apparel and top of the line gear. One is having the best day ever, the other the  worst day ever. Why would one be in a euphoric state, dancing with the mountain; while the other trembles with cold sweat, about to soil those designer pants? One is in the grip of fear.  The other has befriended fear. What fear? The fear of falling; the fear of failure.

Advanced skiers enjoy navigating challenging terrain. They have developed the necessary mindset/skillset that befriends the fear of falling that paralyzes novices. The same is true in business and sales. Advanced leaders enjoy navigating high level challenges. They  befriend the fears that typically incapacitate novices.

Barry Moniak’s Fearless Leadership training concept was born out of a conversation with Thomas Cantrell, an Administrative Trial Advocate who’s enjoyed a consistent 97% win-rate over a 40 year career. Thomas stated that frankly, 100% of the cases he’d represented over the past four decades, were avoidable if businesses would have simply applied Barry’s Fearless Leadership principles.

Fearless Leadership Training resets mindsets as it advances skillsets. It transforms human interactions by retraining amateur reaction to become professional response. Innovative perspectives and systems are implemented; then practiced and debriefed between sessions. As your enterprise embeds these concepts into team consciousness, they pull together and play a smarter, winning game.

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